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Spada City Nav CE. Öflugur textíl mótorhjólajakki CE vottaður og með fimm hluta vörn.

  • CE certified level AA
  • Constructed from a high-density fabric that is robust and abrasion-resistant
  • FormatePro CE five piece armour
  • Vents
  • Short zip attachment
  • Rainaway waterproof construction featuring:
  • Storm flap and rain channel
  • Fixed Waterproof and breathable drop liner membrane
  • Fixed laser quilted polyester thermal lining
  • Double stitched for increased strength
  • Reflective elements for increased visibility
  • Soft feel Neoprene dual construction comfort collar
  • Waterproof external and internal pockets
  • Waist, collar and cuff adjustment
  • Zip and hoop and loop arm closure
  • Bi-directional venting to lower arms


The Spada City Nav is a waterproof motorcycle jacket.   CE certified to AA standard.  The jacket is perfect for riders looking to take on urban or long touring journeys whilst remaining comfortable and dry. The jacket is constructed from a high-density abrasion-resistant fabric that is double stitched for increased strength.   The Spada City Nav motorbike jacket comes with a four-piece CE-rated armour with the option to include a CE-rated back protector.

The City Nav has a fixed waterproof and breathable drop liner membrane that minimises water entry to the body.  The breathable nature of this waterproof membrane allows for extra breathability, letting water vapour escape from within the jacket and keeping your base layers dry as you ride. Water is also kept from entering the jacket thanks to a storm flap and rain channel.

The Spada City Nav jacket has good ventilation with two vents on the upper chest and bi-directional venting to the lower arms maintaining good airflow and keeping you cool when needed.

There is a fixed laser quilted thermal lining keeping you warm during those cold days and nights, and with the reflective accents on vital areas of the jacket, this allows for good visibility for night riding, keeping you safe.

The soft feel neoprene dual constructed comfort collar reducing any irritation that may occur from other materials. Your jacket’s fit is also essential, and there are a series of adjustment points, arms, waist, collar, and cuffs by using a hook and loop system.

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